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Industrial machine design for bakery industry

Thanks to its great experience in the sector and a team of highly qualified engineers, AMB is able to offer a complete service, from design to manufacture of machinery for the bakery industry, guaranteeing its customers maximum professionalism.

Industrial machine design: from study to realisation

A.M.B. SRL is able to promptly and efficiently carry out the work of designing and manufacturing industrial machines for the bakery industry, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction to its customers.

Industrial bakery machinery: design study and modifications to existing installation

AMB is able to make modifications to existing installations to improve the production of bakery products or to meet specific customer requirements. This may occur, for example, when production capacities are to be increased or when a new product line is to be introduced. In some cases, changes may also be necessary to comply with current regulations or to improve operator safety.

Bakery equipment: supervision and assembly

The assembly supervision of bakery equipment is a highly specialized service which requires specific skills in the sector. AMB, with its great experience, offers an assembly supervision service for each bakery equipment, thus guaranteeing the perfect functioning of the installation.

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